Come Home: A Retreat in the Mountains

My friends Frank Rogers, Nancy Linton, and Doug Frank have spent the past seven years leading a beautiful retreat up in the Cascade mountains here in Southern Oregon.  You live in cabins, spend mornings in silence, and Frank Rogers leads powerful spiritual exercises that help you recover your sense of God and self.  There are two retreat sessions, the dates are June 26-July 2 and July 24-30, 2011.  These retreats sell out each year, so if you’re interested register here.

Here’s the description that they give:

The world moves at an inhuman pace, compelling us to move with it.  We have too little time for remembering the spirit that brought us to our place of work or study, too few opportunities for replenishing the inner resources upon which the genuine expression of our gifts depends.  Before we know it, we are living at the surface, running on empty.  Why not step back and take some time out for self-recollection?

Spend a rejuvenating week in our serene mountain community, in the company of others who wrestle with similar challenges, who are on a similar journey.  Let the silence and the solitude bring you closer to yourself, awaken what is deepest in your, reconnect you with what you love.

Allow the experience of contemplative listening and the practice of contemplative prayer animate deep thought and real talk about life in our world, the world in which we work, study, and seek to be true to our calling.  For more information go to Greensprings retreat.



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