The Ministry of Grief

A couple of times a year I write an article for Youthwork Magazine out of London.  The articles are only available in print.  Just sent in an article entitled the Ministry of Grief as a response to the London riots.  Here’s one of the opening paragraphs:

All the destructive practices of the western world can be traced to a desire to distract ourselves from grief (what we’re missing, what we’ve lost).  Distracted from the reality of suffering, the heart hardens and we lose our capacity for compassion.  We become alienated from one another, alienated from ourselves, alienated from God. “Loss is the great teacher,” Elizabeth Kubler Ross once wrote.  Without a willingness to face loss, we learn nothing.  We spin in circles.  We hide from one another.  We repeat our mistakes.  We become numb.  We lose joy.  


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