Feature Interview from Christianity Magazine

Just received a copy of Christianity Magazine from the UK and was surprised to find my mug on the January cover.  I really enjoyed this interview with Ruth Dickinson after leading a two day retreat in Manchester.  See if I can find a link…


2 responses to “Feature Interview from Christianity Magazine

  • prayerstair

    Mark, I was at the Youth Work Summit in Manchester and I too was impressed by the gift you have to really attend to people – one to one or in a room full of people. Does this kind of listening come from prayerful practice or do you think it is an unique spiritual gift? How would you advise a beginner to grow in this area? I want to be less distracted when I am listening to people.

    • Mark

      I spent three years studying spiritual direction, which is really training in prayerful or contemplative listening. You don’t need to do that…simply notice what it’s like to set aside your agenda and really listen to someone, or recall a time when someone really listened to you–what was that like? Once you recognize the power of listening you can remind yourself when you’re with someone that the greatest gift you can offer them is to be fully present to them (face them, look them in the eye, let go of your own thought and agenda, and reflect back to them what they are saying).

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