Compassion Training Open to Public

This is going to be a powerfully transformative program. Prison Fellowship Canada is going to allow 13 participants from the public.  If you have any desire to do this, sign up. Spaces will fill quickly.–Mark

The Center for Engaged Compassion Invites Participants in 9 Month Program in Radical Compassion

The Center for Engaged Compassion has been commissioned by Prison Fellowship Canada to develop and facilitate a compassion formation program.  This newly developed program facilitated by Frank Rogers, Andy Dreitcer, and Mark Yaconelli is now open to the general public. The program involves three, three-day retreats held in San Francisco, California followed by weekly practices taught through online forums and instruction. The exploratory course is entitled “The Way of Radical Compassion: Practicing the Spiritual Path of Jesus,” and will begin September of 2012 and end May of 2013. The program is designed for Christian leaders seeking practical methods for helping people live compassionate lives. Participants will learn tested, grounded strategies for:

  • Experiencing God as a source of love
  • Developing self-compassion
  • Transforming difficult emotions
  • Relating to friends, family members, strangers, perpetrators, and even enemies with genuine compassion (without ignoring or belittling your own needs and experience).
  • Reconciling victims and perpetrators, broken families, groups in conflict—without diminishing anyone’s dignity
  • Engaging in social actions that confront injustice from a grounded place of love rather than reactive anger.

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Surprised by Love May 18

The Hearth is a community building project I started in January of 2010, with my friend Duane Whitcomb. In a little over two years we’ve had almost 60 local people share true stories from their lives, listened to music by over 20 local musicians, and raised nearly $6000 for ten local non-profits (everything from a women’s shelter to a grief counseling program to Ashland food bank to Klamath-Siskiyou Wildlands). Next week we’ll try and raise money for the Hearth to help pay the bills for venue rental and other small expenses.  If you’re in the area, show up. Here’s the announcement below.

The Hearth


 Surprised by Love

A Night of Story and Song

Friday May 18


Mark Yaconelli is a wise and patient teacher with a lovely sense of humor

–Anne LaMott, best selling author of Traveling Mercies and Operating Instructions

 Join Mark Yaconelli for a night of true and unique love stories

A fundraiser for The Hearth,

Southern Oregon’s true storytelling series.

Original music by Trent Yaconelli

with Duane Whitcomb, Benji Kushins, Zach Hammer, Jimmy Donaghy

Cost: $15 tickets available at Paddington Station or order online here.

Location: UCC Church, 717 Siskiyou Blvd

Ashland, Oregon

Youth Ministry as a School of Love

From 201-2004 Dr. Michael Hryniuk and I co-directed the Youth Ministry and Spirituality Project.  Our task was to research and develop a “Contemplative Approach to Youth Ministry.” It was a wonderful venture and we developed some very counter-cultural strategies for ministry with young people.  Michael and I will be brought together to do a two day event on Youth Ministry as a School of Love (a phrase taken from St. Benedict’s monastic rule), June 1-2 at Canadian Mennonite University in Winnipeg, Canada.  It should be a lovely weekend of prayer, meditative lectures, creative spiritual exercises, and good dialogue about youth ministry.  If you have the time and resources join us in Winnipeg for the event.  You can register here.