Show and Tell: True Tales of Treasured Objects

sacred object

Your grandfather’s watch. The arrowhead you found in 2nd grade. The necklace your boyfriend gave you. Your dad’s fiddle. The pressed flowers from your wedding. It’s time for Show and Tell: True Tales of Treasured Objects, an evening of local folks sharing true stories of the objects that have great meaning (and great stories) attached to them. Our Spring storytelling event takes place Thursday, April 18 from 7 to 9pm at the Unitarian Fellowship Hall at 87 Fourth street in Ashland. Storytellers include Kevin Carr, Mark Gibson, Marla Estes, Kim Keller, Janis Johnson, and My-Linh Phan. Music by Duane Whitcomb and the Carr Family. All proceeds from the evening go to the Family Nurturing Center a powerful and beautiful organization in Medford that helps abused and neglected children. Storytellers and musicians will be posted in the coming weeks.

All audience member are invited to bring a treasured object. We will have a table set up for audience members to display one of their treasured objects. Bring a 3 x 5 card and write out the description, story, history, and/or meaning of your object. We will have a table where you can display your object for viewing by other audience members during intermission and after the show.  Make sure you place your name on the object as well.


One response to “Show and Tell: True Tales of Treasured Objects

  • John

    Years ago, my son (11) and I were visiting grandma. As we did almost every morning, we went for a walk in the beautiful agricultural hillsides of Santa Maria. During our walk, a small but bright reddish object caught my eye. It was a playing card, lying face down. I asked Daniel “what card is that?” He said without hesitation “King of Hearts”.

    He picked up the card and turned it over. It indeed was the King of Hearts. I keep that card on my desk, like a little shrine which reminds me of all the best things in life: a wonderful loving family, the quality of heart over mind, my recently departed mom, and the magic and mystery of life and creation.

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