New Dates and Location for Becoming A Spiritual Guide Leadership Intensive

Dates and location for the The Spiritual Guide Leadership Intensive with Mark Yaconelli has changed. The opening retreat will be held at Mercy Center in San Francisco, January 23-26, 2014 and the closing retreat will be April 24-27, 2014. Space is limited to 16. Scholarships to cover retreat costs are available. There are a few openings available. Information is below.

Becoming a Spiritual Guide

A Three Month Leadership Intensive

with Mark Yaconelli




Becoming a Spiritual Guide is an intensive three month program designed and led by author, spiritual director, retreat leader, and veteran minister Mark Yaconelli. Through contemplative retreats, practical teaching, spiritual direction, weekly spiritual practices, engaging group discussions, online correspondence, and selected readings participants will:

  • Deepen their experience of and relationship with the God of Jesus
  • Grow in practice and knowledge of the Christian spiritual arts: prayer, discernment contemplative listening, and compassionate action
  • Learn a variety of spiritual exercises, disciplines, and compassion practices for use with individuals and groups
  • Experience a variety of discernment practices and processes for use within churches, non-profits, and other organizations that seek the Spirit’s guidance
  • Gain personal guidance and clarity on vocational gifts and calling
  • Learn how to hold and heal relational conflicts and personal wounds
  • Learn leadership skills for guiding others in prayer, spiritual practice, discernment, and compassionate action
  • Gain a set of skills, methods, and processes for forming communities that are creative, compassionate, and attentive to the Spirit


Becoming a Spiritual Guide is a personal, practical, and transformative program that is grounded in Christian spiritual growth. The program includes:

  • Two (beginning and closing), three-day retreats led by Mark Yaconelli and a team of trained spiritual directors and worship leaders
  • Twelve weeks of guided spiritual practice
  • Twelve weeks of online teaching and live online discussions with Mark Yaconelli
  • Weekly, individual spiritual direction and counseling
  • Weekly online conversation and support from other program participants
  • A handbook of spiritual practices, exercises, discernment processes, formation programs and methods for leading individuals and groups

ywm-nywc-11Opening Retreat: The Inner-Work of Spiritual Leadership. The primary gift of a spiritual guide is their experience as a spiritual seeker. This opening three-day retreat takes place in a contemplative setting with regular moments of silence, solitude, spiritual direction, guided practices, talks by Mark Yaconelli, and morning and evening worship. Just as Jesus went to the lakeside or up on the mountain to dwell with God, the presentations and exercises for this opening retreat will seek to help participants discern, develop, and deepen their own particular and unique experience of God’s love. The retreat promises to be not only transformational but practical in the way it empowers participants to claim their own unique path of Christian growth.

Closing Retreat: Guiding the Beloved Community. In the closing three-day retreat we will look outward and explore processes and practices that facilitate spiritual growth in communities. In particular we will explore: discernment processes (“How do we help individuals and communities listen and radically respond to God’s spirit?”); spiritual growth practices (“What kind of cultures, leadership, and programs transform and free people to practice the spiritual path of Jesus?”); conflict-resolution (“What practices help a community address unresolved conflict?”); and outreach (“How do we use the skills of spiritual leadership to benefit and address the suffering, and to celebrate the gifts within our communities?”).

For fees, dates, and application information go here.


2 responses to “New Dates and Location for Becoming A Spiritual Guide Leadership Intensive

  • sldawlatly

    This looks like a fantastic course Mark. I hope you decide it is worth rolling out in the UK as well. Is it targeting paid church workers only (given the cost)?

    Hope it goes well

    • Mark

      I’m in conversation with folks from Christianity Magazine and Youth Worker Magazine in the U.K. we’re trying to find a way to run this program in U.K. I’ll post if we work something out. Here in U.S. I’ve been contacted by various organizations (Presbyterian churhc, UMC who are willing to underwrite cost for people in their denominations. Might be possible to find underwriters in U.K. Working on it.–Mark

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