May Events in the U.K.: Compassion, Youth Work and The Long Haul

sustaining spirituality

I have a variety of events in the U.K. May 10-15.  I hope my U.K. friends will join me at one of the following events:

I’ll present at the Transforming Youth Ministry Conference in Birmingham (maybe the most diverse city in the U.K.) on Saturday, May 10 sponsored by The Church of England (thank you Helen Tomblin for all your work on this).

On Sunday May 11th, I’ll lead a retreat on Radical Compassion in Preston (way up in the north of England), sponsored by Greenbelt. The retreat will include music led by North Carolina musician and activist David Lamotte. My good friend Andy Pratt is the organizer you can contact Andy to register at

Monday, May 12th I’ll lead a day-long workshop on “Sustaining your Spirituality for the Long Haul,” at St. John’s College in Nottingham.You can get registration information here. Thank you Sally Nash for your work on this event.

Tuesday May 13-15th I’ll be at the National Diocesan Youth Officers Conference for the Church of England in Lytham (outside of Manchester). Thank you Susie Mapledoram, Mark Montgomery, and Helen Tomblin.

I hope to see many of my U.K. friends during my visit.


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