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Radical Compassion in Preston, Lancashire UK

Here is the information/flyer for the May 11th workshop I’ll lead in Preston. I don’t know what “taster” means in British-speak. I’ve received word that musician David Lamotte will be joining me. Hope you can make it.


Mark Yaconelli in Preston – 11 May 2014

Mark Yaconelli is hosting a one-day taster session of his Radical Compassion Course in Preston this May.
In 2012, two Greenbelters Rev Bryony Davis and Andy Pratt joined Mark in California at the Claremont School of Theology to take part in the full course, which seeks to heal broken people and communities through contemplation, creativity and compassion.
The one-day taster session starts with a church service, featuring a talk from Mark, followed by lunch, and then a series of exercises to “help participants develop their capacity to be radically compassionate”.
Here’s more on the workshop:

The workshop is ideal for ministers, organisational leaders, social justice activists, teachers, parents, and anyone who seeks practical training in compassionate living. Individuals who attend the workshop will: Develop skills for self-compassion; Learn how to identify and transform difficult emotions; Develop techniques for relating to colleagues, clients, friends, family members, and even enemies with genuine compassion; Understand how to participate in social actions that confront injustice from a grounded place of truth rather than reactive anger.

The cost of the day is £25, including food and refreshments. For more information and to book a place, contact Andrew Pratt at andrewpratt1@btinternet.com

Compassion Training Open to Public

This is going to be a powerfully transformative program. Prison Fellowship Canada is going to allow 13 participants from the public.  If you have any desire to do this, sign up. Spaces will fill quickly.–Mark

The Center for Engaged Compassion Invites Participants in 9 Month Program in Radical Compassion

The Center for Engaged Compassion has been commissioned by Prison Fellowship Canada to develop and facilitate a compassion formation program.  This newly developed program facilitated by Frank Rogers, Andy Dreitcer, and Mark Yaconelli is now open to the general public. The program involves three, three-day retreats held in San Francisco, California followed by weekly practices taught through online forums and instruction. The exploratory course is entitled “The Way of Radical Compassion: Practicing the Spiritual Path of Jesus,” and will begin September of 2012 and end May of 2013. The program is designed for Christian leaders seeking practical methods for helping people live compassionate lives. Participants will learn tested, grounded strategies for:

  • Experiencing God as a source of love
  • Developing self-compassion
  • Transforming difficult emotions
  • Relating to friends, family members, strangers, perpetrators, and even enemies with genuine compassion (without ignoring or belittling your own needs and experience).
  • Reconciling victims and perpetrators, broken families, groups in conflict—without diminishing anyone’s dignity
  • Engaging in social actions that confront injustice from a grounded place of love rather than reactive anger.

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New Formation Project with Prison Fellowship Canada

I’ve spent the past four years working with two friends of mine, Frank Rogers and Andy Dreitcer, seeking to develop a set of exercises and teachings to help people embody a greater capacity for compassionate action. Out of this work we founded the Center for Engaged Compassion, a new center at Claremont Lincoln University. We have now been commissioned by Prison Fellowship Canada to do formation and curriculum development. The first formation training will involve a nine month program with three, three-day formation retreats held in San Francisco, followed by weekly practices that participants will engage (and receive feedback) using online resources. The formation program is entitled “The Way of Radical Compassion: Practicing the Spiritual Path of Jesus.”  We will have limited spaces for this training (maybe 10) that will be open to the general public.  I’ll post more information on this opportunity in the coming week. You can read the press release below for more information on our work with Prison Fellowship Canada. Continue reading