“Now more than ever, we need a teacher and a book such as this.”—Anne Lamott, New York Times best-selling author

“Mark Yaconelli ushers us into rooms full of authentic stories, where facades fall and suffering and joy are metabolized. This is an immersive, elegant meditation, an offering of grace.”—Kirsten Powers, CNN Senior Political Analyst

“Mark Yaconelli finds the answer in the heart of the one democracy that we all share—our stories. A lot of things can be taken from us—our houses, our bank accounts, even our lives—but Yaconelli recognizes that nothing can take away the power of storytelling.” —Colum McCann, National Book Award winner

“Mark Yaconelli is one of those rare human beings who sees all the way into the deeper places—and rarer still, one who can find words to help our hearts grab hold of what is waiting there for us. For a world so afflicted with isolation and disconnection, this beautiful book is medicinal.”—John Pavlovitz, author of If God Is Love, Don’t Be a Jerk