Love Hurts: April Storytelling Event

I lead a storytelling series in Ashland, Oregon called The Hearth: Real Stories by Regular Folks. On April 28th we’ll hold our spring storytelling event to benefit Rose Circle, a mentorship program for teenage girls in Southern Oregon. The theme is “Love Hurts: Relationship Struggles.” Tellers include Bryon Lambert, Dr. Davis Wilkins, Meghan Sheer, and others. Music by Duane Whitcomb and friends.  This month’s stories include breakups, sibling rivalries, death and dying, lost friendships, and fighting with the in-laws.  Should be a great night.


One response to “Love Hurts: April Storytelling Event

  • Kathryn

    I know about fighting with the in-laws….it is pretty ugly sometimes when you are slammed and shunned just for doing the right thing. Because of jealousy it is disrupted and everyone is hurt in the end.. Not too pretty. Then you have to get through the reeling pain of it all an continue to rise above. Long story. Not over yet I don’t think.

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